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Basic Planning Conference Agenda 

8:00AM Welcome/Introductions/Ice Breaker
"Becoming a GREAT Board Member!" Discussion of various roles and responsibilities of board members and staff.  Self-evaluations of individual board members. 
 "Current Chamber Trends & Issues" Learn what chambers of commerce across the country are doing and whether or not your chamber is on track.
"State of the Chamber Report" - Report by local chamber executive on current status of the chamber as it relates to budgets, staffing, programs and volunteers.
"Legal Aspects of Serving on the Board."  An interactive review of what are some of the legal aspects of serving on the chamber's board of directors.
"General Membership Pre-Retreat Survey Results" - As part of the facilitation fee, Steve will conduct an on-line membership survey prior to the board retreat, and will present and analyze the results at the planning conference.
Setting Priorities - Steve has a proven technique as it relates to developing a strategic goal setting process that involves the following:
  1. Develop objective statements
  2. State desired results
  3. Develop Action Plan
  4. Assign Responsibility for action
  5. Set desired completion date(s)
  6. Define Obstacles
  7. Define strategies to overcome obstacles
Breakout Groups - Participants will be divided into 3-4 different groups with each group developing a strategic plan on one of the priorities previously determined by the board in the Setting Priorities process.
3:00PM Closing Remarks - Wrap Up

 For further information, or to secure Steve as your next retreat facilitator, please call him at (916-930-1241), or via e-mail at:



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